What is XFinance Mobile (XFIM)

XFinance Mobile is the new DeFi aggregation platform for decentralized lending protocols.

We built a platform for
Staking, Liquidity mining, Insure and Borrow

XFinance Mobile (XFIM) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform and a fork of XFinance, which aims to be independent and build an aggregate liquidity pool, Staking, DeFi farming platform, Lending, Scarcity, Uniswap and others.

XFIM takes data transparency important as the lending agreement on the Ethereum blockchain,

XFIM Liquidity mining platform provide liquidity to get XFIM rewards, either it is a lender or a depositor

What is XFIM?
Pre-Sale & Values


  • Total Supply 30,000 XFIM
  • Private Sale 512 (1 ETH = 80 XFIM)
  • Pre-Sale 6,488 (1 ETH = 45 XFIM)
  • CrowdFunding 18,000 (1 ETH = 30 XFIM)
  • Acceptable currencies ETH
  • Minimal transaction amount 0.1 ETH
  • Number of tokens for sale 25,000 XFIM
Private Sale: Sold out
Pre-Sale will start in

  • PreSale Is Live.

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    XFinance Mobile APPs

    Mobile App

    The new DeFi of Staking, Liquidity mining, Insure, Borrow and Farming are made easy.

    Android & ios app

    XFinance Mobile (XFIM) app development ongoing by our core dev team to ensure our community enjoy the services we provided anytime and anywhere they are.

    • Mobile staking
    • Mobile liquidity mining
    • Mobile yield farming
    Android Apple
    mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app


    Our team are committed to the below list of our roadmap.

    August 2020
    Concept of the
    Platform idea
    December 2020

    Smart contract

    February 2021 - March 2021
    Token sales & Airdrop
    Staking Pre-Launch
    Uniswap exchange open
    Live Now
    25th, March 2021
    Uniswap exchange open
    Staking launch
    April 2021
    Hotbit exchange open

    July 2021
    Mercatox & Bittrex exchange open

    December 2021
    Insure, Borrow & Lending launch
    February 2022
    Mobile apps
    December 2022
    Derivative platform launch & New roadmap


    Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself. If you have
    any other questions, please contact us below.

    XFinance Mobile (XFIM) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, which aims to be independent and build an aggregate liquidity pool, DeFi farming platform, Lending, Scarcity, Uniswap and others.
    0.13 XFIM rewards for the each user you refer to us.
    All our phases of sales are instant distribution from our sales platform, means you will receive your XFIM instantly upon the confirmation of your purchase/contribution during all sale phases.
    7,000 XFIM is allocated to private and presale.
    Private sale and presale distribution is instant to the investors wallet address.
    Total supply of XFinance Mobile is 30,000 XFIM.


    Have questions? We’re happy to help.